Wednesday Sep 9 @ 08:07am
Sunday Sep 9 @ 03:00pm

picking what wallpaper to put in our living room is proving to be quite a challenge!

Sunday Sep 9 @ 02:53pm

i’ve finally purchased a portfolio to start putting together pictures of all my make up. can’t wait to get it started:)

Sunday Sep 9 @ 02:52pm
Friday Aug 8 @ 04:20am

tomorrow is my first wedding anniversary. can’t believe it’s been a year since our wedding!!! this time last year, i was in my bridal suite staring at my beautiful dress hung up on the wardrobe door ahhhhhh

Thursday Aug 8 @ 04:07pm
Tuesday Aug 8 @ 08:56am
working on a blog post:)

working on a blog post:)

Tuesday Aug 8 @ 07:51am

it really freaks me out when people are scared of being in a relationship! like, how?! loving someone and them loving you back is the best feeling in the world<3

Thursday Aug 8 @ 04:47pm

it’s like you’re my mirror


it’s like you’re my mirror

Thursday Aug 8 @ 04:44pm
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