Friday Aug 8 @ 04:20am

tomorrow is my first wedding anniversary. can’t believe it’s been a year since our wedding!!! this time last year, i was in my bridal suite staring at my beautiful dress hung up on the wardrobe door ahhhhhh

Thursday Aug 8 @ 04:07pm
Tuesday Aug 8 @ 08:56am
working on a blog post:)

working on a blog post:)

Tuesday Aug 8 @ 07:51am

it really freaks me out when people are scared of being in a relationship! like, how?! loving someone and them loving you back is the best feeling in the world<3

Thursday Aug 8 @ 04:47pm

it’s like you’re my mirror


it’s like you’re my mirror

Thursday Aug 8 @ 04:44pm
my absolute EVERYTHING&lt;3

my absolute EVERYTHING<3

Thursday Aug 8 @ 04:35pm

last night was just amazing! had dinner with my husband, watched a film cuddled up on the sofa and then had a lovely bubble bath together! no ipad, no phone, no nothing! just each other’s company. it.was.perfect!! been invited to go to norwich tomorrow with his work friends to the cinema and then nandos- OH MY NOM! then on thursday there’s a bbq at his work.. very excited :) xx

Tuesday Aug 8 @ 03:28am
Sunday Aug 8 @ 06:02am
Sunday Aug 8 @ 05:58am
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